How To Stream Baseball Online

Major League Baseball (MLB) was at one point the most popular sport in the United States and still has the nickname ‘The National Pastime’. Baseball is now the second most popular sport in the country behind NFL football (and by some metrics behind NASCAR racing) but the MLB still enjoys strong interest. Baseball is one of the oldest sports popular in North America. The National League has been in existence since 1876 and the American League since 1901. The leagues are sometimes called the ‘Senior Circuit’ and ‘Junior Circuit’ for this reason.

The two leagues started to play each other at the end of the season beginning in 1903 and continued to do so annually. Along the way, this head to head championship was dubbed ‘The World Series‘. Over the years, the leagues gradually would combine business operations and now operate jointly under the Major League Baseball corporate banner.


With 30 teams in the Major Leagues playing 162 games, a year there’s never any shortage of televised action starting in April and running through early October. Prior to the advent of cable television baseball had a broadcasting format similar to the NBA‘s with local coverage combined with weekly ‘national games’. Now there’s almost no nationally televised action during the regular season. Most teams televise most–if not all–of their regular season games on local and regional affiliates.

Live streaming of television broadcast of games, on the other hand, is under control of the league. Fans that want to see every televised game can subscribe to a premium subscription service called the ‘MLB League Pass‘ on television and MLB.TV online. The service costs $110 for television access and $20 extra for online streaming. The MLB live streaming accommodates PC, tablet, smartphone, streaming devices (Roku, AppleTV) and even video game systems like the Playstation and X-Box. They even use their multiple platform accessibility as a selling point and claim to service ‘400 different devices’.


The Major League Baseball live streaming platform is costly but is considered to be the best of any professional sports league including the NFL and NHL’s live streaming service. There is a better option available, and it doesn’t cost a cent– watch MLB baseball games online free. Live streams are abundant online offering coverage of countless sports from all over the world. You can find streams with play-by-play in Spanish or other languages. You can even watch games from Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball league. You’ll be able to watch the local home and away broadcast coverage of every game all season long!

Not only are you able to watch any baseball game available, you have countless other options at your fingertips. You can watch the games how you want from anywhere in the world. You can find streams that are compatible with your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you want to watch on your television, you can use a streaming device like the Roku Player or Google Chromecast. You can select from a variety of streaming bandwidth speeds to find one that works best with your Internet connection or just to find the best video quality–you can even watch the game in full high definition!


Locating Major League Baseball live game streams couldn’t be easier. The best place to start is the Wiziwig website which not only offers a comprehensive live stream directory, but also provides a wealth of information for newcomers. If you have questions, Wiziwig has a lively discussion forum covering everything from game streams to technical issues. Once you know the basics, you can check out other sports streaming directory websites like First Row Sports, ATDHE, or SportsStream.TV . It’s a good idea to do a Google search to get the latest information on streaming websites–new ones pop up often and existing sites change their web addresses.

There’s no better way to spend the summer than following your favorite Major League Baseball team. And there’s no better way to follow your favorite team than to watch MLB baseball online free. You can catch all of the action at home or on the road. Whether you watch at home on your television, on a business trip with your laptop or at the gym with your iPad you’re in complete control of your baseball viewing experience!

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