How To Watch Hockey Online

Despite its status as a ‘second-class citizen’ among the American professional sports leagues, there are few things as exciting as an NHL hockey game. Hockey combines the speed and finesse of basketball with the physicality of football–all done on ice skates. In all fairness, the NHL regular season is much more enjoyable than the NBA. Pro basketball teams don’t start ‘playing hard’ until late in the season while hockey players bring the intensity beginning with the opening puck drop. The NHL playoffs are exciting from start to finish with very few mismatch series. Pro basketball teams are notorious for ‘taking the night off’ on a regular basis. You won’t see that in NHL hockey–the teams ‘come to play’ every night.

There’s more hockey on American television than ever before, but it’s still not enough. The NBC Sports Network provides national hockey coverage during the regular season, with the main NBC network airing some of the bigger games once the playoffs start. The NHL Network is available on most cable and satellite systems providing nightly highlights and several live games per week. The individual NHL teams offer live TV coverage of most games but only within their viewing market.


Even when NHL games are televised live, online streaming is very hit and miss. Most teams provide little or no live streaming of games through their broadcast affiliates. The games televised on NBC Sports and the NHL Network are available for streaming–but not by everyone. Some cable systems provide online streaming options but in many cases are required to ‘blackout’ live games. The NBC Sports network also provides streaming of live games covered on the network, but they only cover two or three games per week.

The National Hockey League offers a premium subscription service through cable and satellite companies that provides access to most regular season games. It also offers live streaming to Windows and Mac computers as well as tablets and smartphones. The downside is the cost of the service–$169 a year. An installment payment plan is available but no matter how you add it up $169 is a lot of money.


The best solution is to watch NHL hockey games online free. Live streams are available for virtually any sport played worldwide–including NHL hockey. You can also find live streams of North American minor league and junior hockey as well as European professional leagues. You can choose from home or away broadcasts, foreign language broadcasts and broadcasts in high quality HD video. Nowhere else will you find so many different games to watch and so many options for how to watch them.

You’re in complete control of your NHL hockey viewing experience, and that includes the option to watch on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can also watch live NHL action on your television with a Roku or Chromecast streaming device. Live streams online are your ticket to complete freedom as an NHL hockey fan.


Finding streams for the NHL games you want to watch is very easy. A good place to start your search is Wiziwig. The Wiziwig site not only offers an extensive directory of live game streams but also provides information about third party streaming applications such as AceStream. There’s also an active discussion forum that is very helpful if you need technical assistance or help tracking down a specific game. Other popular live sports stream directories are FirstRowSports, Stream2Me, and SportsStreamTV. New sites come online often, and existing sites change their web address, so a Google search is the best place to start.

For American hockey fans in particular, it’s not easy to find the games you want to watch on cable or satellite television. If you’re a fan of an ‘out of market’ team, you’ll be lucky to catch two or three games a year. That’s why live streaming of NHL hockey is so amazing–it doesn’t matter where in the world you live you can watch every one of your favorite team’s games. You won’t have to settle for the handful of games that the NHL Network and NBC Sports broadcast every week. You’ll have every professional hockey game from the NHL and other leagues around the world at your fingertips!

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