Watch Fear the Walking Dead Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes, More

Walking Dead fans and zombie-lovers everywhere have made Fear the Walking Dead a smash hit on AMC. The much-anticipated spinoff of the smash hit Walking Dead had an acclaimed first season, leaving fans everywhere buzzing and waiting anxiously for season 2 to return August 21 at 9 p.m. ET. Those who don’t have cable, though, may have a concern: where to watch Fear the Walking Dead online.

Fortunately, cord cutters have plenty of options to watch a Fear the Walking Dead live stream or on-demand without resorting to bootleg streams or illegal downloads. Read on to learn where to watch Fear the Walking Dead streaming without cable.

Sling TV Makes it Easy to Watch Fear the Walking Dead Online

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 is returning for its midseason premiere, but you don’t need to have a cable subscription to watch. One of the best ways to watch AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead streaming online is Sling TV, which is a live-streaming service that allows subscribers to pay a low monthly fee for live access to a selection of popular cable channels using their high-speed internet connection.

With a tablet, PC, phone, or streaming device like the Roku for your TV, subscribers to Sling TV’s “Best of Live TV” package pay only $20 per month to get access to AMC, ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, HGTV, CNN, and a number of other popular channels. The best part? There are no contracts for Sling TV, so you can sign up to watch, pay month to month, and keep your subscription for only as long as you want.

Remember, Sling TV is a live streaming service. This means you can watch a Fear the Walking Dead live stream exactly when it airs. And if you don’t catch Fear the Walking Dead streaming live, the on-demand library available on Sling TV means you can watch any time that is convenient (shows are usually available on-demand right after airing, but sometimes, it’s the next morning).

Sling TV is currently offering a free 7-day trial, which is a great way to test out the service to see if it’s for you. However, you may be better served to take advantage of the special deals they’re offering on streaming devices you can use to watch Fear the Walking Dead online all season long on your television. When you sign up now for three months of service, you’ll get a free Roku 2 or half off a Roku 3 Streaming Media player.  I highly recommend this offer. Not only will you get access to Sling TV and be able to stream Fear the Walking Dead, but you can also use your Roku or other streaming device to access over 2,000 other streaming services, like Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix.

Can’t get enough of Fear the Walking Dead? If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can watch this show and many more on your mobile device at a 30% discount. For $14 a month up to 12 months, enjoy all of your favorite shows on the 20+ channels offered with the basic channels package without fear of data overage charges. Sign into your T-Mobile account here for the 7-day trial and to learn more.

Hulu Lands Rights for Fear the Walking Dead Streaming

If you’re looking to stream past seasons of Fear the Walking Dead, Hulu is your best option. The streaming service landed exclusive streaming rights for the show, so you won’t see Fear the Walking Dead streaming on Netflix or any other subscription streaming service. Right now, all of season one is streaming on Hulu. However, the new season likely won’t be available until several months after it has concluded, so Sling TV will remain the best option for current season viewing. Hulu starts at just $7.99 a month (there’s an ad-free $11.99 monthly plan as well) and you can stream on just about any device anywhere you go. Check out our Hulu review for more info.

Click here to try Hulu free for 7 days.

PlayStation Vue Offers Another Option for Streaming Fear the Walking Dead

Sony’s new live streaming service, PlayStation Vue, gives you another way to watch a Fear the Walking Dead live stream without cable. Like Sling TV, Vue lets subscribers stream a number of popular pay TV channels, with their Access Slim package now available nationwide for $30 a month. There are some other differences between the services. PlayStation Vue is  more expensive than Sling TV. It starts at $29.99 a month and goes up from there. Vue is available on a few devices — PlayStation 3/4 game consoles, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and iPhone/iPads, and more importantly, you have to watch on your home network as on-the-go viewing comes with strict mobile restrictions.

Check out our full PlayStation Vue review for more details about the service and how you can use it to stream Fear the Walking Dead.

Are There Other Legal Ways to Watch Fear the Walking Dead Online?

Sling TV provides the only legal way to watch a Fear the Walking Dead live stream without cable, but there are other choices to consider as well if Sling TV isn’t right for you.  Your options include:

  • Amazon Instant Video—With this option, you’ll have to pay per episode or pay for a season pass to get access to the series. The cost of AMC shows is usually around $1.99 and up per episode, and you will have to wait until the day after the show airs to get access to each new episode as Amazon does not offer a Fear the Walking Dead live stream.
  • iTunes–iTunes is usually a little more expensive at $2.99 per episode. and you will also have to wait until the next day to watch.
  • AMC.com–AMC usually makes the season premiere of their new shows available on their website to try to entice viewers into subscribing.  However, you will not get more than the first episode on the AMC site though. So, this could be a good way to test out the series to see if it’s for you, but after that, you would need to use Sling TV, Amazon Instant Video, or iTunes to watch the rest of the season.

Fear the Walking Dead Streaming FAQ

What channel does Fear the Walking Dead air on?

Fear the Walking Dead airs live on AMC Sunday nights. AMC is traditionally a cable TV channel, but it is now available on Sling TV and other streaming services.

Can I watch Fear the Walking Dead without cable?

Yes! There are several great ways to watch Fear the Walking Dead online if you don’t have cable. Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, and video on-demand services, like Amazon Instant, offer some great ways to watch Fear the Walking Dead streaming.

What time does Fear the Walking Dead air?

Fear the Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC when in season. Reruns often air at different times during the week.

Can I watch Fear the Walking Dead streaming free?

Yes, you can watch Fear the Walking Dead online free. The best way is to get a free 7-day trial of Sling TV so you can enjoy Fear the Walking Dead live stream and on demand free when it’s in season.

Have any questions about how to watch Fear the Walking Dead online? Just comment below and I’ll help!

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