Watch Family Guy Online: Live Stream Full Episodes & More

It is hard to believe Family Guy and the Griffin family have now been around for fourteen seasons. Seth MacFarlane’s creation has gone far past the line of political correctness. The show has ridiculed celebrities, made offensive jokes, and kept fans in stitches for many years now. But, Family Guy does it in such a perfect way it is seemingly impossible not to laugh. When you factor in the ridiculous of the characters like Stewie and Brian it just gets even funnier.  If you are interested in how to watch Family Guy online or live streaming read the detailed guide below for all of the information you will need.

Family guy streaming is finally available without cable, and here are your best options:

Enjoy Family Guy Streaming with Sling TV

Sling TV provides a great way to access Family Guy live stream, plus keep up with all your other favorite TV shows. By providing top quality TV channels without a cable subscription, Sling TV is changing the way people watch TV.

Sling TV has several packages, each providing 25-40+ top channels. One of Sling TV’s most popular packages, Sling Blue, includes FOX in its package of channels, and FOX is the network that hosts new episodes of Family Guy every week. However, it’s important to note that FOX is only available for live streaming in select markets, but is available on-demand everywhere. Sling Blue is just $25 per month.

In addition to FOX, you’ll get tons of hit channels like FX, TNT, TBS, CNN and many more. You’ll also get Adult Swim, which airs tons of Family Guy full episodes as reruns. You can use Sling on just about any device that’s capable of streaming video. Check out our full Sling TV review to learn the details.

Right now, there are a few deals you should be aware of. If you need a streaming device, there are two great deals for you: if you want to sign up for 3 months in advance, they’ll throw in a free Roku streaming device, or give you a great discount on an Apple TV. The choice is yours!

Or, you can simply sign up for the free week long trial to start watching Family Guy online free for a week!

Watch Family Guy Online with Hulu

If you’re asking yourself, is Family Guy on Hulu, the answer is yes! Hulu offers many full seasons of the show, and adds new episodes shortly after they air on TV. One of the easiest ways to watch Family Guy online is with a Hulu subscription.

Hulu was one of the original services for streaming televisions shows legally and features past and current seasons of Family Guy. The recent aired episodes of Family Guy and many other shows are posted soon after they air, so you can keep up with the ongoing seasons of your favorite TV shows. Shows from networks like Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, and others have some of their most popular shows available on Hulu. Our review on Hulu here gives even more information about features

There are two subscription options for Hulu, but both are monthly and can be cancelled at any time. For $7.99 per month there will be some commercials during streaming and for $11.99 per month there will be no commercials included. You can always upgrade to no commercials if you change your mind after subscribing. Hulu’s streams are compatible with just about all of your devices, so it is pretty easy to watch Family Guy online.

Try Hulu free for a week now with the free 7-day trial. You can test out Hulu and watch Family Guy online free and catch up on as many episodes as possible for the full week.

Watch Family Guy Streaming with PlayStation Vue

If you are interested in watching Family Guy streaming as it airs live then PlayStation Vue will be a great option. Sony’s subscription streaming service offers over 50 channels in its basic package. These are all popular cable channels that can be live streamed on your computer, PlayStation console, iPad, or on your TV with devices like Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV.

The starting package for PlayStation Vue will let you watch a Family Guy live stream for $29.99 per month with no contract required. Channel availability will vary depending on where you live, so be sure to check the listings before subscribing. FOX, unfortunately, is only available in some areas (and FOX is the channel that lets you access Family Guy stream). PlayStation Vue is definitely a viable way to watch Family Guy online, although Sling TV presents a better option for most folks. Read our detailed review on PlayStation Vue to learn more about the service.

Use Netflix to Watch Some of the Previous Seasons of Family Guy Online

We often get the question, is Family Guy on Netflix? The short answer is: YES! Netflix is likely the most popular streaming service and is another way to watch Family Guy online. Several of the past seasons are featured on Netflix and can be watched from the massive content library offered. Netflix is definitely a great way to watch Family Guy streaming and get a bunch of additional benefits with your subscription. Check out our Netflix review to learn more.

As it has grown Netflix has broken out its month-to-month subscription into multiple tiers of pricing. For $7.99 per month you gain access to the basic plan of streaming. The standard plan costs $9.99 per month and includes HD streaming and the ability to stream on two devices simultaneously. Lastly, the premium plan is $11.99 per month for ultra HD quality and access to Netflix across four screens at once.

Combine an Antenna and DVR to Record and Watch Family Guy on FOX

Since new episodes are aired on FOX an antenna will allow you to watch Family Guy live as it airs. The antenna picks up network broadcast channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS. We recommend checking out our guide to OTA antennas to find a good one for you.

Plus, you can even record the show to watch Family Guy online later with an over-the-air DVR. We compared several of the best OTA DVR’s out there to help you find a good model for you.

Buy Individual Episodes or Full Seasons of Family Guy Online

If you are interested in just watching a specific episode or season you can always use services like Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, and a couple others. They sell Family Guy per episode or even per season. Normally the single episodes costs $2 – $3 each and the season offers a slightly discounted rate. To buy a whole season is a similar cost as several months of services like Netflix and Hulu, so it is definitely not the most efficient deal. But, still this would be an incredibly easy way to watch Family Guy online, and it’s useful for those who only want to watch a few episodes here and there. If you’re wondering, is Family Guy on Amazon Prime, you’ll be disappointed to learn that no, the show is NOT on Amazon Prime’s video streaming service – but it is available for purchase.

If you want to watch even more of your favorite TV shows online, check out our guide to learn how to watch TV online and find all of the options available.

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