Watch Elementary Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes & More

Thanks to the coming of the internet and the slow, but ever steady, downfall of regular cable, being able to watch your favorite shows online has become fairly important. We’ve created this guide to show you all of your legal options to watch Elementary online live streaming and on demand.

Watch The Elementary Live Stream with CBS All Access

If you’re looking for the best way to watch Elementary online, we can tell you there’s none you’ll find legally better than going with CBS All Access. This is the network’s standalone streaming service, basically their version of Netflix or Hulu. For $5.99 a month (or $9.99 a month for commercial-free access), you’ll be able to watch the CBS live stream (in select markets) as well as access to their entire library of on-demand episodes from the previous seasons. This is a great way to keep up with the new season and to catch up on past favorites.

As an added bonus, you’re not limited to just Elementary, you’ll have access to a whole slew of other great CBS shows that come out. You don’t have to take our word for it though, if you sign up for the service you’ll get a free 7-day trial, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before you commit. We also reviewed the service in detail to show you the details of this new service.

Use a Digital Antenna and DVR to Watch Elementary for Free

Remember, Elementary airs on CBS, an over-the-air channel. That means you could watch it with a digital antenna. Adding in a DVR just makes it to where you can record it if you’re not going to be home, and lets you fast forward through any commercial breaks that we don’t want to see.

For anyone wondering what we suggest as far as which products work best, take a look at two guides we’ve put together: the best OTA antennas, and the best OTA DVRs.

Is Elementary on Hulu?

Great news, Hulu fans: 4 full seasons of Elementary are available for streaming! You can learn more about the service in our Hulu review, or you can check out a free 7-day trial to see for yourself how the service works.

Is Elementary on Netflix?

Sorry, Netflix fans. Currently, the streaming giant does not offer Elementary in their content library, although that could change.

Is Elementary on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Instant Video is one of the many benefits of an Amazon Prime subscription. Unfortunately, this particular show is not currently offered for streaming.

Watch Elementary Online with These Next Day Video Services

The last ways we wanted you to know about come at a higher cost than the other legal options, but they are available for anyone that needs them. Services like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant each will have the episodes and seasons of Elementary available to purchase. Elementary full episodes are typically available the day after they air. The price, as stated before, is somewhat out there, with each episode costing $2-3 each and the seasons running around $39.99 each for HD. All Access is a better overall value if you want to watch Elementary online.

Have any questions about streaming Elementary? Comment below and we’ll help you out. Curious about other TV shows? Our TV streaming guide has all the answers!

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