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How To Strean NCAA Football Online

With the exception of the NFL, college football is by far the most significant sport among fans, bettors and TV broadcasters. It’s becoming increasingly popular all over the world as European fans are becoming exposed to the game gradually, with many able to view college football action for the first time via online video streams. There has been plenty of college football played in Canada for years but in most other countries the sport is completely new.

In the United States, however, college football is not just hugely popular among fans–it’s a big revenue source for the universities involved. At the biggest college football schools, the sport often exceeds the NFL in popularity. The top college football programs fill up huge stadiums–crowds of 100,000 or more are not uncommon. Interestingly, the sport didn’t get off to a great start when colleges first began to play football in the 1800’s. Well into the mid 20th-century college football was a ‘niche’ sport, and its popularity lagged well behind that of college basketball.


How’s this for irony? The runaway popularity of college football is largely due to the massive success of the National Football League (NFL). As television became a ubiquitous part of every American household it drove the popularity of NFL football on Sundays. TV stations wanted something similar on Saturday, so they turned to college football. College football became the cornerstone of Saturday TV sports programming, and the marketing around it started to grow.

Today, there are more college football games on television than ever before. National TV games are on every major network, regional sports stations, and dedicated conference stations carry relevant games, and local and regional syndicators fill in the rest. Streaming on these games vary–games on the major networks offer live streaming while the rest of the television hierarchy offers hit and miss streaming access.


The TV coverage of college football works fairly well–assuming that your favorite team is in your ‘region’. If not–say you’re an Oregon fan living in South Carolina–you’ll be lucky to see your team on a late night national game. Plus your ability to stream that game is dependent on the policy of a specific network. The same problems apply if you’re a fan of an FCS or Division II level school. In the 21st Century there has to be a better way to enjoy live college football action.

There is–the best option is to watch college football online free. You can locate a live sports stream online for just about any sport or league in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of a big school like Michigan or a small school like Division II champions Northwest Missouri State. You’ll be able to find the games you want to see streaming online. No longer will your football viewing be at the mercy of one of dozens of TV broadcast outlets–you’ll be in complete control of what games you watch.


It’s very easy to find a college football game live stream that you want to watch. There are numerous resources online that can help you get up and running with live sports streaming. The best place to start is the Wiziwig website. This site offers an extensive directory of live sports streaming but also provides a wealth of information for ‘newcomers’. They also have an active discussion forum where you can ask questions and get more information.

You can find plenty of game streams at Wiziwig, but there are many other live sports directories online that you can use. Some of these include SportsStreamTV, Stream2U and First Row Sports. This list is far from exhaustive and new sites come online all the time. The best place to begin is a Google search–with new sites coming online and existing sites changing web addresses you need to have up to date information.

Live streaming of college football puts you in complete control of your viewing enjoyment. You have every college football game at your fingertips, and you’re in charge of how you want to watch the action. You can watch from your computer, tablet smartphone or even your TV set with a set-top device like the Roku Player or Apple TV. You’ll also have options for different streaming speeds–this way you can get the best picture possible with your individual Internet connection. There’s no better way to watch live sports action and best of all it’s absolutely free!

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