Watch Chelsea Online: Streaming & On-Demand Guide

It’s been a long time in the works, but Netflix is finally unveiling their newest original show, Chelsea: a three-night-a-week talk show hosted by Chelsea Handler. If you know the name Chelsea Handler, you know her brand of comedy, and that’s exactly what this show will bring.

Chelsea promises to take on everything from international cultures to alternative lifestyles to sports, parenting, government, education, health, and more.

Chelsea will also be a globe-trotting show, visiting Russia, Mexico and Japan, and crisscrossing the US while taping in front of a live studio audience in California and airing 12 hours later on Netflix.

 Watch Chelsea Online With Netflix

The show is a Netflix original production, which means that if you want to watch Chelsea online free, you’ll have to do it through Netflix.

Netflix has monthly plans that start as low as $7.99 a month, but most people opt for the $9.99 a month plan that adds HD service.

Netflix is easily the most popular streaming service, thanks in part to their huge library TV shows and movies.

Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy are just a few of the offerings from Netflix, and when you add in their other great original shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Grace & Frankie, it’s easily one of the best deals in television.

Netflix can be streamed on almost any device, and it almost always has perfect quality. If you’re not sure about Netflix, they’re offering a free month trial to new subscribers right now to try out the service. The free trial is a great way to watch Chelsea online free for quite a few episodes.

Can I Watch Chelsea Online Free?

The only legal way to watch Chelsea online free is to take advantage of the free trial Netflix is offering to new subscribers. If you start it just as the series starts, you’ll be able to catch 12 episodes for free.

When Does Chelsea Come Out?

The show debuts on May 11. Chelsea streaming will be released every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

How Long Are Chelsea Episodes?

Each Chelsea full episode will be 30 minutes with no commercial breaks.

Netflix is on a roll with their original programming, and Chelsea Handler is one of the hottest names in comedy, so this talk show is looking like an early “must-watch.” At CutCableToday.com, we’ve got your guides to watch Chelsea online as well as just about any TV show imaginable. Find your favorites with our streaming television search tool.  And if you’ve decided to join the millions of people who have decided to cut cable, you can get the best deals on Internet service here.

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