Watch Casual Online: Live Stream Guide

Casual is a comedy series explores how a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister can handling living under the same roof. They also hilariously try to raise her teenage daughter while the siblings try to navigate the dating scene again.

Watch Casual Online with Your Friends

Hulu calls the series a comedy, but Casual is more of a drama, and it is one of the best drama you can watch online. According to one viewer on IMDB, Casual “portrays the characters’ struggles with life and change in a very real manner,” bringing you into the series and their lives in the process. Hollywood Reporter says you cannot just watch one episode.

With Season 2 becoming available on June 7, you’ll want to set up your Casual streaming schedule now. There is no Casual live stream, but you can watch all Casual full episodes right now on Hulu.

Stream Casual on Hulu

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming sites around, and their popularity has brought them several original series. They have a huge library of past and current TV shows you can watch anytime on any device without additional charges. There are no contracts or penalties.

You can watch Casual online, as well as your other favorite TV series, with only a commercial or two to get in your way. You can also opt into their $7.99 a month plan to remove some of those ads, or go ad free with their $11.99 subscription. The choice is always yours. You can even use the 7-day free trial to get a feel for Hulu and decide if it’s right for you. Read our full Hulu review for more information about the service overall.

Is Casual on Netflix?

As Casual is a Hulu exclusive, you will not be able to watch Casual online on Netflix. As of this time, there is no other place you can watch Casual full episodes. You will have to go to Hulu to watch Casual online.

While you can only stream Casual on Hulu, there are similar ‘dramedies’ out there for you to watch, and you can find them all with our online TV show search tool. And make sure you take advantage of our latest ISP search tool to find an Internet deal you can use to watch them online.

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