Watch Black Ink Crew Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes

VH1 has a reality TV show about a tattoo parlor called Black Ink Crew, named after the parlor itself. It’s a slice-of-life program about black entrepreneurs, insane customers, and wildly creative adventures.  Besides its setting and crew, the hour-long show does not stray far from your typical reality TV tropes and fodder. Discover a new guilty pleasure and watch Black Ink Crew online.

Black Ink Crew follows the tattoo parlor’s workers, who go by their street names: Ceaser, Dutchess, Alex, Sassy, Puma, and O’ Sh*t. There are parties, fights, gossip, melodrama, and a bit of the entrepreneurial life of Black Ink’s owner Ceaser Emanuel.

With three seasons in the books, a fourth one on the way starting April 4 at 9 p.m. ET, and a Chicago-based spinoff, critics and television lovers everywhere are raving about how good Black Ink Crew is. People of every walk of life tune in every week to enjoy the unique characters, awesome music, and a real up close and personal depiction of urban black youth culture.

How to Watch Black Ink Crew Online

If you would love to see every Black Ink Crew episode again before you watch the new season, you have many streaming sites at your disposal. While you cannot watch the series for free, you do not need to have a cable or satellite subscription to watch VH1 and enjoy your favorite tattoo artist’s work on TV. You just need a good internet connection and a subscription to one of the services below, and you too can check out these hustling, hard working business owners try to make it big.

PlayStation Vue Black Ink Crew Live Stream

If you want to see Black Ink Crew episodes live, you have only one option. You can watch the show via PlayStation Vue streaming service, where you will have access to VH1 as part of their channel bundle. Sony’s PlayStation Vue (review) offers live cable channels on supported devices such as your PlayStation 3 or 4, Apple iPad, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. You also get free video on demand of the selected episodes after they air. The service is now open nationwide, but you need to live in one of the original markets (Chicago, New York, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Philadelphia) in order to watch live local channels as well.  Everyone else will get their locals a day later as on-demand videos.

Either way, you only have to pay $29.99 a month to watch the Black Ink Crew live stream on all of your Vue compatible devices. Sign up for a free trial to test out Vue for yourself.

Other Black Ink Crew Streaming Sites

If you do not need to see a Black Ink Crew live stream, you have several other options. You have to pay more money for these services, but you can watch the episodes when and where you want them since you would own them outright.

  • Amazon Instant VideoAmazon Instant Video is your best option for owning Black Ink Crew episodes. Compatible with the entire Amazon ecosystem and an assortment of devices, Amazon Instant Video gives you the episodes a day after they air on VH1. You have to pay $2 an episode, but the price will be less if you get the season pass. That way you can save some dough for your own tattoos and have the episodes sent straight to you as soon as they hit the service.
  • Vudu – Similar to Amazon Instant Video, Vudu offers Black Ink Crew streaming episodes as well. They have similar episode and season pass prices as Amazon, but you can use the service without needing an Amazon Prime account.
  • iTunes and Google Play – Not satisfied with Amazon or Vudu? Then you can just use your mobile device. Both iTunes and Google Play let you watch Black Ink Crew online without needing a third party app. You will have to pay about a dollar more for the episodes than you would if you catch the episodes on Amazon or Vudu, but they are there if you need them.
  • Windows Store – Besides your Apple and Android devices, you will find Black Ink Crew streaming episodes on the Windows Store as well. Perfect for people with Windows devices, Windows Store offers similar prices and availability as the other two mobile app stores.

These are the only ways you can watch Black Ink Crew online at the time of writing this article. Keep in mind that you can use our search tool to discover ways to watch streaming episodes of many other TV shows online without cable.

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