Watch Bitten Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes Guide

Bitten is coming for a new season on February 15th, at 11 PM ET on the Syfy channel. The main character in Bitten, Elena Michaels, is a loner in a world she wanted no part of. She is the only female werewolf in existence and wants desperately to leave the paranormal world she is in. She also wants to escape the man who is responsible for turning her into a wolf. To leave this life, she relocates to a new city and works as a photographer, all while hiding her interesting existence from her new boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, she is stuck between the two worlds when corpses start showing up in her pack’s backyard. After finding herself at Stonehaven, which is the ancestral domain of the creatures’, she realizes that she will do anything to fight for her pack. If you want to watch Bitten online, we will show you how to below.

If you don’t have a cable TV package and still want to watch Bitten full episodes, you can enjoy the show using a variety of services. Fans have multiple options to watch this great series, and the guide below will show you the best options to watch Bitten online.

Watch Bitten Live Stream With PlayStation Vue

With PlayStation Vue, you can catch full episodes of Bitten live, and you can also watch dozens of other channels.

While it is a limited service now, it should expand rapidly, and you will have access to a solid Bitten live stream.

Starting at $49.99 a month, it is on the more expensive end, but considering this gets you more than 50 channels including sports, live TV and movies, it is well worth the cost. Since you can stream with a PS3, PS4, iPad, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV device, you will love watching Bitten on a flat screen TV.

Note: Playstation Vue is currently only available in 7 cities: Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia. There is currently a free 7 day trial available.

Watch Bitten Online with Netflix (Old Seasons)

You can watch Bitten via Netflix, where you can see past seasons. Netflix is a great option as you can stream to your TV or any other device, and there are a lot of other of your favorite shows. but, the huge downside with Netflix is that you can’t see recent episodes, so you may want to hold off on Netflix if you are looking for a show recent episodes, but with so many other TV shows on this platform, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Check out Amazon Instant Video and Vudu to Watch Bitten Full Episodes

To watch individual episodes of Bitten, you can get on Amazon Instant Video. Here, you can see the episode, in its entirety, the day after it airs. Again, while this is not an option to watch Bitten online free, it only costs about $2 or $3 per episode, and you can get a discounted season pass. With Bitten on Amazon, you are good to go and can watch the episode with no hassle. Or, with Vudu, you can buy whole seasons and even watch free preview episodes. This is a great option if you want the episodes in high-quality and don’t want to wait, but if you want to watch entire seasons, you may want to look elsewhere.

If you still have questions or want to learn more about watching Bitten full episodes, leave a comment below. If you’d like to find other shows to watch online, check out our search tool, so you can find the latest episodes of all your favorite TV shows.

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