Watch Billion Dollar Wreck Online: Live Stream Guide

You don’t have to be a pirate to go hunting for buried treasure. For those looking to be transported to another time and follow the pursuit of sunken treasure, look no further than the new series Billion Dollar Wreck. The 8-part series premiered on the History channel on February 8th and dives in to the depths of the Atlantic to uncover the valuable remains of the 1909 wrecked RMS Republic, the sister ship to the notorious Titanic. Want to watch Billion Dollar Wreck online?

The hour-long show tracks Martin Bayerle, a man who has spent the majority of his life pursuing the Republic’s suspected gold – including 150,000 American Eagle coins that are estimated to be worth a billion dollars today. Having previously scoured the wrong area of the colossal ship, Bayerle returns to the hunt with new research and his estranged son. The series shines a spotlight on Bayerle and his team as they swim into murky waters to discover an unknown and 100-year old fortune. For cord cutters, watching Billion Dollar Wreck online could prove more interesting than any Captain Hook story out there. Below you’ll find the best options to watch Billion Dollar Wreck live stream online.

Watch Billion Dollar Wreck Online with Sling TV

The show may delve into deep waters for the mysterious treasure, but you do not have to jump back into a cable contract to watch Billion Dollar Wreck online. Sling TV, Dish Network’s own streaming service, allows subscribers to come aboard the ship with entire full episodes of the series included in the basic package. For $20 per month, Sling TV offers no contracts, no fees and 20 cable channels – all with live stream options to a variety of devices. In addition to the History channel, subscribers can also stream live and on-demand content from TNT, TBS, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Food Network and more. You can learn more about watching Billion Dollar Wreck full episodes and other History channel shows here.

Along with Billion Dollar Wreck full episodes, Sling TV gives its subscribers another great value. If you subscribe to three months of the streaming service, Sling TV will provide you with a free Roku 2. Since the popular streaming player is priced at $69.99, this deal affords you the Roku for $10 off, three free months of Sling TV and the ability the watch Billion Dollar Wreck online for free. Or, if you’re the type that only wants the latest gadgets, take Sling TV up on their half off a new Roku 3 when you sign up for three months of service deal. Read more in our Sling TV review.

You can also decide to check out full episodes of Billion Dollar Wreck online free with Sling TV’s 7-day trial; take the opportunity to peruse other hit shows and movies while you’re streaming.

Live Stream Billion Dollar Wreck Online with Amazon, Vudu & More

If you’re not yet ready to add a monthly streaming service plan to your entertainment budget, you can choose to purchase the individual Billion Dollar Wreck full episodes you want to watch online. Amazon Instant Video and Vudu both give viewers the option to purchase individual episodes for $1.99-$2.99 each episode. There are also discounted season passes available.

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