Watch Between Online: Streaming Guide

Mega-outbreak science fiction series are our generation’s horror stories. They show us a world where the enemy is unseen and has no qualms about killing anyone. No one is safe from the deadly disease. Rich or poor, all must decide what they would do when the time comes just like the characters in Between. The Netflix original series takes us to a town suffering from a horrible disease that kills anyone over the age 21. With no cure in sight, the government has closed off a 10-mile radius around the town and left the citizens in it to defend for themselves. The power vacuum this creates draws in millions of viewers for each episode that comes online.

Season One made headlines not just for its great characters and story but for its release schedule as well. It is the first Netflix series to be released one episode a week, making fans crave each episode even more. With Season Two starting July 1, 2016, you will want to get your Netflix device ready so you can join your friends to watch Between online and see how the cast of characters in the show deal with the life and death struggle that awaits them.

Watch Between Online with Netflix

The Between series is just another example of how Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the US. One small monthly fee gives you the keys to the entire Netflix library of past and current TV shows and online exclusives such as Between full episodes.

You can already watch Between online, beginning with Season 1 in preparation for Season 2, while you decide which of the three subscription tiers you will get for the new season.

You can even use the Netflix (review) free trial to watch Between online free for one episode to evaluate the service. Either way, you can use the service to watch your favorite shows online from just about every device out there without needing a cable subscription to get you through the door.

Where Can I Watch Between Online Live?

There are no Between live streams to watch at this time. The series is a Netflix exclusive. You can only watch Between online using Netflix.

Is Between on Hulu?

Hulu (review) will not let you watch Between online. You can only stream Between on Netflix.

Can I Watch Between Online on Amazon?

You cannot stream Between from Amazon. You will only find the series on Netflix.

Can I Watch Between Free Episodes Online?

The only way to watch Between online free is through the Netflix free trial.

When Does the Second Season of Between come out?

Between full episodes from Season 2 will start streaming on Netflix on July 1, 2016.

As cord cutting continues to spread, more and more online original series will come our way. After you feel comfortable how to watch Between online, maybe you’ll want to search for more original series. For this, you can use our Watch TV Online search tool to find where to watch them.

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