Watch Arrow Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes

Arrow is a very popular show on the CW network that follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen as he fights crime and corruption as the DC Comics character Green Arrow.

Critics have highly praised Arrow, mostly because the show focuses on the human side of Oliver Queen, showing how events in his life shaped him to be the vigilante he is today.

The show adds plenty of other characters from the DC Universe, so it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. If you want to find out how to watch Arrow online, fortunately, it’s pretty easy.

Watch Arrow Online Free Through Hulu

If you’re trying to stay current on Arrow episodes, Hulu is your best choice. Through Hulu, viewers have access to the five latest Arrow episodes on almost any device, with new episodes available eight days after they first air. Hulu is one of the most customer-friendly television streaming services (find our review of Hulu here) available right now, with monthly subscription plans that start as low as $7.99 for the limited ad version. The totally ad-free Hulu is just $11.99 a month for unlimited viewing of current hit and past TV shows. If you’re not a Hulu subscriber, you have the chance to try it out for 7 days risk free.

Arrow Streaming Through the CW App

Arrow is CW’s highest rated show in years, so they have made some episodes available for viewing on the CW app. The CW app is available on many devices, and has a selection of episodes of Arrow streaming for free. One of the best things about the CW app is that unlike almost every other TV network app, you don’t need a login from a cable company to enjoy the content.

Take Episodes of Arrow On the Go With A Digital Antenna and DVR

There are plenty of ways to watch Arrow online through various services you can sign up for, but there’s even a way that doesn’t require anything online. Arrow airs on the CW network, which is available “over the air” in most cities. This means you can watch CW (and other local networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC) on your TV with only a digital antenna (no monthly cost) without cable. We recommend the Mohu Leaf, which is one of the best digital antennas on the market, and has a 50-mile range. When you couple your digital antenna with a over-the-air DVR system (like this Tablo), you can record anything you want, then live stream that recording to almost any mobile device. Pretty cool, right?

Watch Arrow Online With Netflix

Netflix has the first three seasons of Arrow, with new seasons taking a few months to appear. Netflix is still one of the most popular streaming services though, because it has a library with thousands of television shows and movies available for unlimited streaming. If you don’t mind waiting for your Arrow episodes, Netflix is an option. There are three subscription tiers, with the cheapest plan coming in at less than $8 a month.

Buy Episodes of Arrow Online Through Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, or Vudu

Amazon Instant Video offers up episodes of Arrow 24 hours after they air, and Vudu, iTunes, and other providers have episodes in a fairly short time. If you just want to watch an episode or two, this may be the easiest option. But if you’re planning on watching regularly, buying individual episodes each time could add up quickly. You do own your episodes forever, but this is still a worse value than streaming.

Arrow is poised to be a hit for CW for a while, so it’s worth catching up if you enjoy a superhero drama every now and then (who doesn’t?). Thanks to our online search tool, it’s easy to find out how you can watch Arrow for free without cable, plus about any other show you’d want, like The Flash, The Walking Dead, WWE events, and Better Call Saul.

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