Watch Aquarius Online: Live Stream & On-Demand Guide

Aquarius has been dubbed as historical fiction. Set in 1967, LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny) and his undercover partner, Brian Shafe (Grey Damon), are on the hunt for a missing teenage girl. They learn that the girl who is missing has been shacking up with Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony) and his “family,” a group of hippies known for their indulgence in sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll. The show is considered historical fiction because even though the characters, in some cases, are real, the character arcs and storylines are not historically accurate. Though the show airs on NBC, you can use this guide to watch Aquarius online without cable.

The second season of Aquarius will hit NBC on June 16 at 9 p.m. ET. Since Aquarius is on NBC, you won’t need cable to watch it. If you’d prefer to watch Aquarius online, there are still plenty of ways to do so, some of which are even free! The following guide will tell you how you can watch Aquarius online.

Watch Aquarius Online with PlayStation Vue

The easiest way to watch the Aquarius live stream online is with PlayStation Vue! PlayStation Vue (review) is a live stream service that offers 60 channels and an on-demand library for under $30 a month.

There are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel anytime you wish. With PlayStation Vue, you receive a number of great channels including AMC, A&E, Bravo, Lifetime, ESPN, Syfy, TNT, and many others.

Local live stream channels are included in your package if you live in San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, or Chicago.

If you’re not one of these areas, rest assured — you still receive most local content, it just appears in your on-demand library the day after it airs on television.No matter what area you live in, you’ll still have access to

No matter what area you live in, you’ll still have access to NBC shows, so you’ll be able to watch Aquarius online with no problem! You can watch Vue on PS3, PS4, iPad, iPhone, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

Perhaps the worst part of PlayStation Vue is the mobile restrictions. When you sign up for your account, you are tied to your home location.

Even if you use mobile streaming devices, outside of the home you will be unable to access any Vue content. This puts a real damper on the service, especially if you’re a big mobile user. We recommend you take a look at what Vue offers before you make any decisions about choosing a service to watch Aquarius online.

Buy Aquarius Full Episodes with These Great Services

Another way to watch Aquarius online is to buy the episodes you want. There are plenty of advantages to buying your favorite shows.

Single episodes are relatively cheap, and you’ll own them for life, so you’ll be able to watch them as much as you want.

The streaming services that sell episodes work on a variety of streaming devices, so you’ll also be able to watch them wherever you want.

Most of them even offer discounts if you buy the entire season in a season pass, which reduces the price of each individual episode.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon offers $2 single episodes and season passes for all currently airing shows. New episodes will be delivered to your digital library as soon as the day after they air on TV. You can watch them on a variety of streaming devices.
  • Vudu: Vudu is pretty similar to Amazon. Both services offer $2 episodes and season passes. They also stick to the same delivery schedule, which means new episodes arrive within a day. You can watch Vudu videos on the majority of streaming devices.
  • iTunes & Google Play: Both iTunes and Google Play cater to mobile users. Using either Android or Apple devices, you can buy new episodes for around $3 a piece. Season passes are available for the majority of shows. New episodes are delivered within 24 hours.

Is Aquarius on Netflix?

At this time, you cannot stream Aquarius on Netflix. While Aquarius streaming may become available in the future, Netflix has not announced when or if that will happen. You can learn more about Netflix by reading our full review, here.

Is Aquarius on Hulu?

No, Aquarius streaming is not available on Hulu. At one point, you were able to stream Aquarius during the first season, so it’s possible that they may add Aquarius full episodes back to the Hulu lineup. However, at this time they are not available. Our full review is a great way to learn more about Hulu.

Watch Aquarius Online Free with a Digital Antenna and OTA DVR

If you own a digital antenna and DVR, you already have a way to watch Aquarius online free. Depending on your location, a digital antenna is a great way to pick up a variety of channels you might not have received otherwise. There are a number of good digital antennas on the market, the best of which make sure that you receive a crisp, clear visual. Some antennas even search for channels as far as 50 miles in any direction just to make sure you get the most channels available. You can find the right digital antenna for you in our digital antenna guide.

If you want to up your entertainment game, you can do so by adding an over the air DVR. There are a number of these DVRs on the market, and most of them have different features. Some common options include the ability to fast-forward and rewind, to watch one show and record another, and to send your programs to paired devices so you can watch on-the-go. Make sure to take a look at our DVR comparison guide so you know what each DVR offers and which one will be right for you.

If you’re still confused about how to watch Aquarius online, just leave your questions in the comments. Visit our other guides for the top tips on watching TV online. Don’t forget to check out our ISP search tool for the best Internet deals around for cord cutters.

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