Vudu Review: Features, Cost, and Streaming Availability

Vudu is a website/app that allows you to watch thousands of movies and television shows for a nominal fee. Similar to offerings like M-Go, Amazon Instant Video, and even Netflix, Vudu gives you the ability to continue your viewing habits without being saddled with a cable bill.

One of the nicest things about Vudu is the selection! There are many titles available, at least for rent, that you can’t find anywhere else. Between the Disc-to-Digital program and the wide selection of movies already available, Vudu is quickly becoming a popular choice for many cable cutters and streaming fans, alike.

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What Devices Can You Use with Vudu?

While signing up for Vudu is best done on an actual computer, once you’ve signed up you can connect to as many as 8 devices using your account. You have the option of using your phone or tablet (Apple or Android), a variety of web-browsers on the computer, and both Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles.

In addition to the more common options, Vudu works with a variety of smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and TiVo DVR boxes to offer content. Some of the specific options include Samsung, LG, and Sony Home Entertainment Systems, Over-the-Air DVRs such as Channel Master, TiVo (Roamio Plus, Mini, and Premiere among others), Western Digital WD TV Live Hub, and Boxee Box by D-Link, and Smart TVs such as those by LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba.

What Are Vudu’s Rental Terms?

Like with most pay-per-view style streaming services Vudu gives you the option to either rent or purchase a variety of movies and television shows. They have all the latest releases of movies and TV shows to choose from.

Once you’ve made an account you will be able to make purchases and you can find them under the My Vudu section, which is located under the Movies & TV tab on the website.

When you rent you can watch a movie or show an unlimited number of times in 24 hours. There is also a large amount of films that are available as three-day rentals. If you buy it, it’s yours and you can watch it as much as you want forever.

How Much Does Vudu Cost?

You have the option to rent or buy most titles that are available through Vudu. Some titles you can only rent or buy depending on the title, but for the most part you can make your choice between the two options.

Renting is obviously the cheaper option, especially if you’ve never seen the movie you want to watch. Average rental prices on Vudu are between $2.99 and $5.99. These prices can fluctuate based on sales and whether or not you opt for HD.

If you’re buying a film make sure to check out the Deals tab as there are always a variety of sales going on for single movies, bundles, and even collections. Ultimately, the price of the film will depend on how new and/or popular it is, but you can expect to pay between $7.99 and $21.99 for most titles.

Television shows are for sale at standard rates of $1.99 per episode or with a season pass. Prices for passes range based on the show. One of the nice things about Vudu though is you have the option of watching many of the first episodes for free. This gives you a chance to ensure that you like the show enough to purchase the season pass.

Ultimately, purchasing movies and television shows has the possibility to become expensive, especially with options like Hulu and Netflix that offer thousands of options for a low subscription price, or network websites like Fox or ABC, which offer episodes for free. That said, if you have movies or shows you really love and want to have easy access to, Vudu is certainly a good way to make that happen.

What Special Programs Does Vudu Offer?

Free Movies! – Though not many, when you sign up for a Vudu account you are given a small selection of free movies. These include titles like Rudy, Ghost, and Paranormal Activity. There isn’t anything brand new, but most of the titles are or were popular, and it’s a small set of films to get your collection going.

Connect Your Disney Movies Anywhere Account – Connecting your account will let you access your Disney movie collection through Vudu. In addition to that, you will have access to exclusive videos, additional special features and bonus content, as well as added reward points for all of your digital purchases.

Vudu to Go! – Vudu to Go is the In-Home Disc to Digital program that is exclusive to Vudu. If you want to take any DVDs or Blu-rays and put them in the digital space, but they aren’t available, you can use this conversion process to add your favorite films to your Vudu library. For DVDs the cost of digital conversion is $2.00 for SD and $5.00 for HD, and for Blu-ray films it is $2.00 per film. If you convert 10 films or more you get 50% off each additional film, making this quite a deal! You can learn more about Vudu to Go on the Vudu In-Home Disc to Digital page.

InstaWatch – Vudu is owned by Wal-Mart so when you buy certain DVDs and Blu-rays at your local Wal-Mart or via the website, you not only get the physical copy, in some cases, you get the digital version through Vudu. When visiting Wal-Mart just search for InstWatch titles. If your Wal-Mart and Vudu accounts are linked, the digital films will be added after you purchase the physical copies, giving you more ways to watch your favorite films!

If you have any additional questions about our Vudu review, you can find the answers by visiting their website or feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help in any way I can!

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