VidAngel Review: Hit Movies Made Family Friendly for $1

The founders of VidAngel wanted people to have the ability to watch their favorite movies in their homes, all without having to watch copious amounts of violence and sex scenes. At the same time, the founders didn’t want to change the movies plot or censor the movies completely. With a low $1 starting price per movie, you can ensure that you have a fun, family-friendly time, all while not missing out on the plot or substance of the movie. Read on for our VidAngel review.

With VidAngel, you can avoid the drive to a DVD rental kiosk, and you can still pay a low price of $1-2 per movie. With access to all the latest Hollywood hits, and a few of the lesser-known ones, you can have a great movie night – all while filtering out sex scenes or cussing.

If you are excited about this service and want to learn more, check out our VidAngel review below.

VidAngel Review: What is VidAngel?

With so much gratuitous violence in films these days, someone had to come up with a solution to make it more enjoyable for families and people offended by violence. VidAngel is a service that does just that. Unlike other services, you only pay for what you use, and you do not rent movies. Instead, you buy the movie and then sell it back to the company, which allows them legally to do it this way. To sign up and start watching your favorite movies without the sex, violence and bad language, you can get started by clicking this link.

This service differs from most other providers for two reasons. Obviously, when you are watching a movie from VidAngel, you can avoid all the bad parts of the movie, while not missing out on the plot. Secondly, you are only going to pay for what you watch, which is a perfect solution for anyone who watches movies occasionally and does not want to pay a monthly fee. Simply put, the VidAngel cost is competitive, and it’s much cheaper for many casual movie watchers. If you discover what is VidAngel and how it works, you will surely fall in love with the service

How Does VidAngel Work?

This is where the service is really unique. With other services, you can rent the movie as you will watch the original production. With VidAngel, you will pay a fee to watch the movie, but you are actually buying the movie from the company. Practically speaking, there is nothing different on your end to worry about.

Once you sign up, you can start watching movies from many devices, all for a low per-movie rate.  You will pay the low fee to buy the movie, then you can select what you want to filter out – whether that is filtering out sex scenes or violence, VidAngel is quick and easy to use. That’s it. Then, after buying the movie, you can watch in peace with your family. Watch this video to learn more:

How Much Does VidAngel Cost?

When looking to understand the VidAngel cost, you should remember that it is not a pay service that is all-inclusive. Meaning, rather than a flat-fee per month, you can pay for the movies that you actually watch, which saves most casual movie watchers a lot of money. Depending on the film, movies cost between $1 and $2, which is very reasonable since you can watch from the comfort of your home. If you watch one movie a weekend, you can save money when compared to other services. Not only that, VidAngel goes above and beyond as they create family-friendly versions of your favorite flicks.

What Devices is VidAngel Available On?

If you are satisfied with the VidAngel cost, you are probably wondering what systems it is available on. You are in luck as VidAngel devices include Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Furthermore, once you buy a movie, you will have no trouble streaming it to any of theses devices as the setup is extremely user-friendly and requires no advanced skills.

The bottom line is, if you are tired of watching great movies that are ruined with massive amounts of violence, cussing and sex, you can use VidAngel and not worry one bit. With a low cost of between $1 and $2, you are sure to find it the most budget-friendly option. Remember, getting started is easy, and if this VidAngel review convinced you that it is a great deal, you can sign up in a matter of minutes.

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