Team USA Basketball Live Stream: How to Watch Team USA Online

During the Olympics basketball tournament, Team USA is always considered the favorite. The game of basketball was invented in the United States and it has been the powerhouse of the international game for as long as the game has been around.

Even with some of the top players in the United States not joining the team, they are still heavy favorites to win the Gold Medal once again. Looking to catch a Team USA Basketball live stream?

While the players are certainly setting their sight on the Gold Medal, the games played prior to that matchup will be incredibly exciting. If you want to follow along with their journey, you’ll want to be able to get a Team USA live stream. Even if you don’t have cable, you can still easily stream the games and not miss any of the action!

Sling TV- The Top Way to Watch Team USA Live Stream

Our top recommended option to watch Team USA online will be Sling TV. It is a subscription streaming service allowing you to live stream popular cable channels for a monthly fee. It is one of our favorite cable alternatives out there and a great way to get a Team USA basketball live stream and so much more.

Here are some highlights of Sling TV:

  • Sling Blue package gets you access to more than 40 cable channels
  • Only costs $25 per month and no contract is required
  • Watch Team USA basketball online on NBCSN and USA
  • Certain locations can also get NBC to watch Team USA
  • Other channels included are TNT, AMC, TBS, FX, FS1, HGTV, and CNN
  • Watch Team USA Live Stream on MSNBC with the World News Extra Package for $5 more each month
  • Plus, you can watch free for a week with a 7-day free trial
  • Learn more in our Sling TV review

If all that didn’t sell you, then the current deals from Sling TV just might. When you subscribe for three months of Sling TV you can either get a $70 Roku player free or $60 off Apple TV at the moment. These are awesome ways to watch Team USA live stream right on your TV!

Another way to Watch Team USA Basketball Live Stream is PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a cable alternative that will let you watch Team USA basketball online. NBC is only available in select locations, but MSNBC, NBCSN, and USA are available in the starting package for $30 per month. You can also watch ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, FX, CNN, CNBC, and about 50 other cable channels. The only hang up for PlayStation Vue (review) is you are very limited when you try to stream outside of your house. There are restrictions that you would not experience with Sling TV, so this could be a problem during the Olympics when so many games and events are happening at all times.

Watch and Record NBC’s Broadcast with an Antenna and OTA DVR

Since both of the above options only let you watch NBC in certain locations, you might need to go elsewhere to watch the games broadcast on the network. Thankfully, a digital antenna and over-the-air DVR combo would be your way to watch a Team USA live stream if the game is aired on NBC. The antenna gets you channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX while the OTA DVR hooks up to your internet to let you live stream whatever your antenna is receiving. Once you have an antenna, enjoying a Team USA stream is totally free and requires no subscriptions.

After you figure out which antenna is best, you can take a look at our over-the-air DVR comparison guide to complete the setup. Pairing the antenna and Sling TV would be our ultimate recommendation for the best option to watch Team USA online or live streaming during the Olympics.

Find out How to Watch Team USA Online if You’re Outside the U.S.

The above services are directly available to anyone who lives in the United States, mainly because of restrictions and contracts with the TV stations. However, if you are outside of the U.S. there are still some options for you. You can check out this guide for watching the Olympics outside of the U.S. to learn more.

With stacked rosters for both the Men’s and Women’s National Teams, Team USA is looking good this year. Check here for a full schedule and preview for the Team USA basketball streaming. There’s a lot of talent on other teams as well, so Olympics Basketball in general is sure to be a treat to watch.

Take a look at our Olympics streaming guide, if you want to watch even more than just Team USA basketball live stream.

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