Tablo OTA DVR Releases Apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV

Today was a big day for the Tablo OTA DVR brand. The popular OTA DVR has just added brand new apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV set-top boxes. In addition, a live preview of the much hyped Tablo channel for Roku was released publicly for download. These new apps expand the reach of the Tablo brand to more popular streaming devices, and for Roku users, address a number of common complaints and perceived shortcomings.

First, let’s talk about the new Tablo apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV  (you can get the Android app here) set-top boxes. The new apps were originally announced back in January at CES in Las Vegas. These apps provide more streaming device options for Tablo users who want to watch live and recorded OTA content on their TVs. The nearly identical looking apps offer access to the main Tablo device’s settings screens and to the ‘Tablo Connect’ feature, so once it’s paired with Tablo on its home network, the streaming device will be able to access Tablo content anywhere where there’s an internet connection.

An Improved Roku Experience for Tablo

Tablo has had a Roku channel for a while now. However, Roku users haven’t always been enamored with the app. Most notably, Roku users were frustrated with the Tablo OTA DVR guide, finding it incredibly confusing and difficult to navigate.

Thankfully, Tablo listened to the complaints, and back in January at the Pepcom Digital Experience event at CES in Las Vegas, Tablo maker Nuvyyo previewed its newly redesigned Roku app. The new Roku interface has been completely rebuilt from scratch and is “custom-designed to have the same beautiful Netflix-style look and feel as Tablo’s mobile and web apps, including an all-new live TV grid guide.”

Right now, the new Tablo Roku channel is in the “first stage of the live preview” so not all new features have been released just yet. At the moment, those using the new Roku app can:

  • Browse and set recordings coming in the next 24 hours via the Live TV grid guide
  • Watch live TV (including pause & rewind)
  • Browse and watch recordings (including pause, rewind and fast forward)
  • Delete recordings

In the next few months, even more features will be added to the Tablo OTA DVR, like setting recordings up to 14 days in advance, managing scheduling recordings, and a search function.

Read the full announcement from Nuvyyo here.

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