There’s plenty of live sports streaming online offering virtually every sport in the world. Before you can watch your favorite team, however, you’ve got to find the right stream and to do that you need a good stream directory site.

In fact, it’s a good idea to have several ‘go to’ sites just in case one site is down or doesn’t have the right stream. isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly good enough to have in your sports streaming arsenal.


Stream2Watch has a simple yet functional layout that is common to a number of live sports streaming sites. For that matter, there are several sites that employ the exact same web design template. That’s not necessarily a bad thing–there’s a reason this layout is popular.

The live sports are on the front page highlighted in orange while games that have yet to begin are at the bottom of the page in gray text. This information is also available on pages for the individual sports. The streams are the familiar YouTube-esque Flash based video format. This format has the advantage of working across a variety of platforms, but there are formats that provide better stream quality for PC users.

Mostly every live sports streaming site offers the major US and/or European sports like boxing, NCAA football & etc. has the big sports covered but also provides an extensive and even somewhat eclectic mix of lower-profile sports. Snooker, darts, dressage, pro wrestling, NHL hockey, and high school basketball where in the Stream2Watch live stream directory at the time of our visit. There was even a concert special featuring Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, which might be well outside the ‘sports’ realm but likely attracted a good deal of traffic.


Stream2Watch offers a wider variety of sports and other types of programming than most live streaming sites. There is a long list of live network feed streams from around the world–not just sports related networks like ESPN and Sky Sports but a wide range of television programming. In addition, has a directory of individual TV series streams ranging from current hits like ‘The Walking Dead’ to classics like ‘Married With Children’. One downside–there’s very little order to the series streaming so don’t expect to track down a specific episode you missed.

The bottom line for any live sports website is the quality and dependability of their streams. Stream2Watch does a very good job in this area. During our evaluation, there were no dead links among the live sporting events and only a couple of the live TV networks failed to function properly. Advertising is inevitable with live streaming websites, but Stream2Watch’s ad serving is relatively painless. More significantly, there’s no problem accessing the site with an ad blocker. Using an ad blocker doesn’t eliminate the advertising on the site entirely but it does make it more manageable.


Many of the ads that Stream2Watch serves are of the especially insidious ‘required software update’ variety. At least two ads of this type appeared on every page even with the use of blocking software. These ads likely convert well and bring in a lot of revenues, but they target the most gullible and least Internet savvy visitors. It might be unfair to single out Stream2Watch for this reason since, unfortunately, this type of misleading ad format is ubiquitous on live streaming sites. There are circumstances in which a plug-in or software update is necessary, but you won’t find a legitimate update notice on any live streaming site.

Stream2Watch has nothing in the way of informational resources and no discussion forum. They do have a chat box on every live stream page, but the comments you’ll find there are utterly moronic and downright useless. Thankfully, it’s easy to close the chat box but they shouldn’t be there at all–they’re a complete waste of bandwidth that adds zero value to the site.

Final Thought:

In comparison to other live sports streaming  like first row sports and vip sports box, is excellent. The advertising is relatively unobtrusive with the use of an ad blocker, and this alone is a significant advantage over many live streaming sites. Stream2Watch offers high-quality, dependable streams from a very wide range of sports and television programming. Stream2Watch might not be the best site of its type, but it is a very solid live sports streaming site that you’re well advised to bookmark.

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