Seattle Seahawks Live Stream: How to Watch the Seahawks Online

The NFL season is just weeks away, and Seahawks fans are pumped up. Can the team make yet another run to the Super Bowl? If you’re a fan, you don’t want to miss a moment of what’s sure to be another great season. When quarterback Russell Wilson fires touchdowns to newly acquired tight end Jimmy Graham, you want to catch each one.

Even if you lack a cable subscription, there are plenty of ways to watch the Seahawks this year thanks to a ton of new legal streaming options. Here’s how you can the Seattle Seahawks online:


Below, find out the best ways to watch the Seattle Seahawks online during the preseason. Wondering about other teams? Check our NFL preseason streaming guide.

Use Sling TV to Watch Seattle Seahawks Live Stream during Preseason

Sling TV is a great all-around cable replacement service, that also provides an excellent way to watch the Seahawks online this year.

If you’re looking for a way to cut cable while still watching live sports and your favorite TV shows, Sling TV is a great solution. With this service, you can watch live TV over the internet, using a computer, smart phone, tablet, smart TV, streaming player, etc.

Sling offers up to 60+ channels, with prices starting at just $20 a month. For NFL fans, the most important channels offered are ESPN and NFL Network, as well as NBC and FOX in some areas. NFL Network is key for preseason streaming, because it broadcasts EVERY preseason game of 2016! Not all games will be shown live, and local blackouts may apply, but still; all 65 preseason matches will be on NFL Network, and therefore on Sling TV.

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NFL Game Pass Lets Watch Seahawks Games Online Live during Preseason

The NFL has released its newest streaming service in the US — NFL Game Pass. For $99.99, subscribers will be able to watch live out-of-market preseason games and all regular season games on-demand (more on this later). Game Pass is the best way to catch the Seahawks games live during the preseason (full product review here).

As long as the game is out of your local viewing market, you can stream it live. If the preseason game does air on local TV, you’ll have to wait until after it’s over to stream a replay on Game Pass.

Game Pass is $99.99 a year, but you can try it free for 7 days here.

Regular Season

This season is sure to be another great one for the Hawks, and fans can’t wait to watch! Here are the best ways to catch a Seattle Seahawks live stream – you can also check our NFL streaming guide for further info.

Watch the Seattle Seahawks Online with Sling TV

Sling TV will provide an easy, legal way to watch Seattle Seahawks streaming this season. Actually, it will be useful for watching all NFL teams online. Actually, it will be useful for watching all live sports. Actually, it will be useful for watching all sorts of live TV – from your favorite TV shows, to news, live sports, and more!

Sling TV is a live streaming service that gives subscribers access to many popular TV channels. The service starts at just $20 a month without a contract, and you pay month-to-month, just like Netflix and other streaming services. You can cancel at anytime without penalty. Check out my full review of Sling TV here.

Sling will give you an easy way to watch Monday Night Football, thanks to ESPN streaming. Plus, catch all Thursday Night Football games thanks to NFL Network streaming. And users in some areas will also get NBC and FOX, two channels that host a ton of live football! Many of these channels will be useful for enjoy Seattle Seahawks live stream this season!

If you plan on watching all season long like I do, you may be interested in a special deal Sling TV is running right now. When you sign up for 3 months of service, you can get a free Roku streaming device or a heavily discounted Apple TV streaming player for your TV. This will let you stream the games directly to your TV all season long.

You can also test out the service before signing up with a free one-week trial.

DirecTV Now Offers Sunday Ticket Streaming Service

You’ve probably heard of NFL Sunday Ticket, the DirecTV satellite service that lets you watch all live Sunday NFL games. It’s a great way to watch football, with every single out-of-market Sunday game offered. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s sometimes possible to get this service without a satellite subscription.

DirecTV is now offering its popular NFL Sunday Ticket as a streaming service to those who can’t get satellite service where they live, such as those in an apartment or college dorm. If you qualify, this is a great way to watch the Seattle Seahawks online all season long.

The Sunday Ticket streaming service will cost you $49.99 a month through the season (four payments), and offer live out-of-market NFL games to computers, mobile devices, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast, and more streaming players to be announced soon.

Students at qualifying four-year universities can pay a discounted rate of $24.99 a month for Sunday Ticket U, the same streaming service at a much cheaper price.

To find out if you qualify for the Sunday Ticket streaming service, call DirecTV at 888-648-7389 now to speak to a representative.

NFL Game Pass Offers Replays of Seahawks Regular Season Games

With NFL Game Pass, not only can you stream live preseason games, but you can also watch every regular season game on demand after it airs. While you don’t get live streaming during the regular season, this is still a great service for those who can’t catch the games live for any reason.

You can stream Seahawks games on several different devices, including tablets, smartphones, and your computer. For TV usage, Game Pass is currently available on the following streaming players: Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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Watch Seattle Seahawks Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue, an online streaming service from Sony, provides another simple way to watch the Seahawks online this season.

This new service provides its subscribers with access to 50+ popular TV channels for as little as 30 bucks a month. It works on many major devices, including PS3/PS4, Roku, Chromecast, etc. but it does not yet work on Apple TV. Read our PlayStation Vue review for more.

For Seattle Seahawks streaming purposes, the key channels included are NFL Network, ESPN, and NBC/FOX in some areas. So, when it comes to watching Seattle Seahawks live stream, Vue and Sling TV are pretty much the same thing. We generally recommend the more affordable Sling TV over Vue, but both are good services.

Watch Local and Nationally-Aired Seahawks Games with Your Antenna

If you live in the Seahawks’ local broadcast area, you can watch all of their games free over the air (even if the game airs on ESPN, it will still simulcast on an over-the-air network) on your TV. Even if you live across the country, you’ll likely be able to see the Seahawks play in several featured games of the week on FOX, CBS, or NBC. If you don’t have an antenna, consider checking out our best antennas guide.

If you want to record the games, check out an OTA (over-the-air) DVR. This will let you have much more flexibility in when and where you watch the games, and will even let you skip commercials! Click here to learn more about this and other DVR options.


Fans tune in from all over the world to watch Seahawks games online, and the options below present the best ways to do just that:

NFL Game Pass International Offers Live Streaming of Seahawks Games to Fans Abroad

For those who live outside of areas where the US version of Game Pass is available, the league offers Game Pass International. This service lets you stream the games live as they air all season long. You can also watch full game replays on demand. Blackouts may apply in some instances so check your schedule

Click here for more details about NFL Game Pass International.

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