Led by head coach Bob Stoops since 1999, the University of Oklahoma Sooners are one of the NCAA’s most historic and successful football teams. With 44 conference championship wins, 8 BIG 12 conference wins and 7 national championships, the Sooners have shown time and time again that they are a powerhouse in the sport and not to be taken lightly.

Thousands of Oklahoma fans tune in every week to view their games, but those outside the state, or those within the state who have the wrong cable company, tend to have a little trouble in finding a way to view their favorite team. The answer to this problem is simple: online streaming.

Whether it be on a paid site, like one that comes from a cable provider, or one of the numerous free sites that populate the web, streaming sports is an ever growing industry, and college fans should take advantage of it whenever the more traditional ways of viewing sports fail them.

Outside of mainstream places like WatchESPN or Fox Sports, one of the most popular little sites for online sports viewing is a site named vipsportsbox. With its easy to navigate menus and astoundingly clear and speedy video quality, VIP Box is the destination for savvy sports fans to view all the best teams, like the Oklahoma Sooners, tear through their competition.

However, if VIP Sports Box doesn’t satisfy your idea of what a great sports watching experience should be, there are a myriad of other sites out there to fit your personal Sooner watching experience.

Firstrowsports, wiziwig.tv, xrxs.net, stream2watch.me, and P2P4U are all viable actions for your college football viewing pleasure, as well as offering streams for numerous other sports teams during the off season.

If you miss the authentic TV watching experience of old, you can still recapture the unique experience of televised sports, even while streaming on your laptop, by hooking your computer up to your television with an HDMI cord, which can be purchased at any Walmart or other retail/electronics store.

With this setup, you don’t have to sacrifice those rowdy game nights with your fellow Sooner fans, sitting on the couch around the television, drinking beer and cheering the Crimson and Cream to victory.

With streams, you can feel like you’re really at the game, without paying for those expensive tickets or that paycheck eating cable package, with the power of your WiFi, you can turn a night of boredom and wishing, into a night filled with cheers and fun.

Finally, if you somehow have no access to a TV or computer that is capable of streaming, there are numerous radio stations that will give you a play by play version of the game through the eyes and voice of an announcer.

If you live outside Oklahoma, these stations won’t appear on your dial, but that’s an easy fix with apps such as iHeartRadio letting you listen to stations from all across the country, so even those without the ability to view the game can still experience it secondhand and cheer their team on.