How To Watch NFL Football Online

The National Football League (NFL) is the undisputed champion of North American professional sports leagues. In fact, the NFL is by far the most lucrative professional sports league in the world with more than twice the revenue of the English Premier League, the most financially successful international league. Pro football attracts more TV viewers, ad dollars and betting action than any other sport including the NBA, NHL and MLB baseball.

The popularity of the NFL started it’s meteoric rise to today’s levels in the early 1970’s following a merger with the rival American Football League (AFL). Several rounds of expansion have brought franchises to new markets like Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN and boosted the number of teams in the league to 30. Each team plays a 16 game regular season starting in September and running through early January. The playoffs then begin with twelve teams battling for the Super Bowl title.


The NFL is notorious for the control it exercises over the pro football product, and this includes live TV broadcasts. NFL games are among the most valuable properties for television networks and command top dollar for broadcast rights. For that reason, broadcast policies are set from the top and are uniform among the 30 individual teams. The NFL’s five network affiliates–NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and the NFL Network–provide coverage for every regular season and playoff game. The local markets of the 30 NFL teams get every game. The rest of the country gets ‘regional’ coverage on Sunday’s with nationally televised games on Sunday night, Thursday night and Monday night.

Not surprisingly, online streaming is also tightly controlled by the NFL. The nationally televised games on ESPN, NBC and the NFL Network are streamed on their respective websites, but there is very little additional live streaming available. The NFL does have a premium subscription service called the ‘Sunday Ticket’ available to DirecTV satellite subscribers. In addition, it is also available for online streaming. The downside is the cost–online streaming or TV access is around $250 a year. If you want to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for both your TV and live streaming it’ll cost right around $350 per year.


The best option is to watch NFL football games online free. There are live sports streams available for every league imaginable from all over the world. Due to the NFL’s international popularity live streams of pro football games are abundant online. In contrast to the NFL’s tight control of broadcasting live streaming provides countless options for your viewing enjoyment. You can watch every game involving every team, or you can follow them all on the NFL’s ‘Red Zone‘ channel. Broadcasts are available from the US TV Networks as well as the NFL’s foreign affiliates like Sky Sports in Great Britain. You can also find game broadcasts dubbed in a number of other languages.

Live online streaming gives you complete control of NFL football viewing. You not only have your choice of what game to watch, but you can also decide how you want to watch the action–on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can stream the games to your TV set with set-top devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast or Roku player. You can also select the stream speed that provides the best quality picture or works most effectively with your Internet connection–you can even watch the game in full HD quality!


It’s very easy to locate streams for NFL games or any other sport. The Wiziwig website is a great ‘jumping off’ point for anyone new to live streaming. This site not only offers a live stream directory but also provides informational resources for newcomers. There’s also a discussion forum that is a great place to ask questions and get technical information. Once you’ve got a good handle on how to stream you can check out other live sports stream directories like FirstRowSports, ADTHE, and SportsStreamTV. You’ll want to do a Google search before you do anything else–new streaming directory sites come online all the time and existing sites change their web addresses.

The NFL’s ‘official’ broadcasting policies are a perfect example of a company trying to maintain complete control over their product. It was easy for the league to ‘call the shots’ in the early days of television. It’s not so easy to control everything in the rapidly changing digital world of today. This paradigm shift is bad news for the NFL, but great news for pro football fans who now have more choices than ever about how to watch the games they want to see.

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