New Orleans Saints Live Stream: How to Watch the Saints Online

The New Orleans Saints are a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. They’ve had some ups and downs in recent years, but the Saints are still a very strong team. As you surely know, Saints fans are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in the game – they’ve got their team’s back no matter what. As we begin the 2016-2017 season, New Orleans fans from all over the world are excitedly waiting to see what’s in store for Sean Payton and the Saints. Are you ready to watch New Orleans Saints live stream this season?

If you’re a New Orleans fan, you’re surely excited to watch the Saints play. But are you ready? If you’ve recently cut cable or satellite, you need to find another way to keep up with your favorite team. Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll show you how to legally watch the New Orleans Saints online without cable.


Our detailed NFL Preseason streaming guide has all the details about how to watch preseason games online, while the options below present the best methods to enjoy New Orleans Saints streaming during the preseason:

Sling TV Provides Live New Orleans Saints Streaming

Sling TV, the popular cable alternative service from Dish Network, is changing the way people watch TV, and now it’s also changing the way people watch NFL games.

This preseason, if you subscribe to Sling TV you’ll be able to watch every game that falls on one of the following networks: ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, NBC, or FOX. Most channels are available nationwide, but NBC and FOX are only in some areas.

NFL Network streaming is the most important benefit of a Sling TV subscription, at least when it comes to preseason streaming. NFL Network will broadcast EVERY SINGLE PRESEASON GAME this year! 16 games are offered live, while the remaining games are shown as replays same-day or day-after the live broadcast. With Sling, you can watch them all! Local blackouts may apply.

Besides football, Sling brings a lot of other great entertainment to the table, with networks like AMC, CNN, TNT, Comedy Central, and up to 60 more! It starts at $20 a month, and is available with no long-term contract.

Want to test it out? Click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial of Sling TV!

Watch the New Orleans Saints Online Live during the Preseason with NFL Game Pass

Just recently the NFL launched its very own streaming service, called NFL Game Pass. This service provides football fans with all they need to enjoy their favorite game, without having to pay for the sky-high prices of cable TV. Game Pass (review) can be enjoyed on streaming devices like Chromecast, Xbox, and Apple TV, and also on computers and mobile devices.

For preseason viewing, Game Pass allows you to watch every out-of-market game live as it airs on TV. Out of market means not showing in your area. So, as long as the game isn’t broadcasting on live TV in your area, you’ll be able to watch it live with Game Pass. If it does show on cable in your area, then you can’t watch it live, but you can still watch a full replay whenever you want.

Game Pass offers a lot more than just that, which we’ll go over later in the guide. You can also start a free 7-day trial to check out the service for yourself. If you keep it, it will cost you $99 per year. Compared to cable TV prices, that’s quite a bargain.

Regular Season

The regular season spans 4 glorious months of football action, and fans from worldwide will be tuning in to watch. The options below are the best ways to watch the Saints online this season, while our NFL guide has details on other teams.

Watch New Orleans Saints Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV is an amazing service for Saints fans, and for NFL fans in general. In fact, it’s an amazing service for just about anyone who wants to watch live TV without paying for cable.

We recommend Sling TV (review here) because it’s the easiest way to watch live NFL games online. Here’s how:

  • You can watch Monday Night Football without cable because Sling TV lets you watch ESPN online.
  • You can watch Thursday Night Football online, thanks to NFL Network streaming on Sling.
  • In select markets, you can watch New Orleans Saints games online on FOX and NBC
  • You can watch NFL RedZone every Sunday, an exciting service that bounces back and forth between games, showing you all Red Zone action.
  • You can enjoy tons of NFL news, player profiles, analysis and more on ESPN and NFL Network
  • You’ll have access to up to 60+ other channels to enjoy!

Once you sign up (you can try a free 7-day trial of Sling TV if you’d like), you’ll be able to watch many popular cable networks without cable. Sling TV works by letting you stream on select devices – smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. all work, as do streaming players like Roku, Chromecast, etc. Prices start at just $20 a month, and even the biggest package is only $40 a month. No contract is required.

If you sign up soon, Sling TV will give you a free Roku Streaming device or a cheap Apple TV when you sign up for 3 months of streaming. A Sling TV subscription and a Roku are all you really need to enjoy live coverage of Saints football, all season long on your TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket Offers Live NFL Streaming All Season Long

DirecTV offers a great NFL service to their satellite subscribers, known as NFL Sunday Ticket. The service lets you watch all out-of-market NFL games airing on Sundays, so long as they don’t air live in your local area. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, give them a call to see about adding on NFL Sunday Ticket to your package.

There’s also a new streaming version of the service, meant for folks who can’t get satellite. For those who qualify, NFL Sunday Ticket’s new standalone streaming service is a very easy way to watch Saints football online for the entire season. Sunday Ticket’s new streaming service from DirecTV lets subscribers watch all out-of-market Sunday NFL games live.

This service is intended for people who can’t get full satellite service from DirecTV. You can only subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket if you can’t get DirecTV in your home, or if you’re a student. A lot of apartments and condos qualify, as do most dorms. If you do qualify, the cost is $49.99 per month for the four-month season. If you’re a college student, you may be able to get a 50% discount, cutting your rate to $24.99/month.

Call DirecTV today at 888-648-7389 to check if you qualify.

Watch Regular Season New Orleans Saints Games On Demand with NFL Game Pass

You have already learned that you can stream preseason games with Game Pass, but you can do a lot more than that with this awesome service.

NFL Game Pass is one of the best ways to watch the Saints online because it provides very flexible options. For regular season games, you’ll be able to watch replays in full HD at any time you want.

Games are uploaded to the online streaming library the same day they air on TV. Most games are added immediately after the live broadcast concludes. Sunday morning and afternoon games will be added Sunday evening.

Every game of the regular season will be available for viewing starting the same day it airs on TV. So, you can easily watch Saints football online on your own schedule, while keeping up with your other favorite teams. Full replays are available in HD. You can also watch slimmed-down replays, which run about 30-minutes long — with no commercials or stoppages.

To sum up, NFL Game Pass gives football fans everything they need to enjoy the 2016-2017 NFL season. And it gets better – subscribers will also gain access to a large library of past NFL games. In fact, with Game Pass you’ll be able to pick and choose from every single regular season game from the last seven seasons. Every game since 2009 is stored in full HD on the digital library – ready for you to watch whenever you want.

Click here to start a free 7-day trial of NFL Game Pass.

Watch New Orleans Saints Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

Another service that you can use to stream New Orleans Saints games is PlayStation Vue. This up-and-coming service is fairly new, but it’s rapidly growing in popularity.

Vue works like Sling TV, giving you 50+ channels with prices starting at $30 a month. There’s a great channel selection, and no contract is required to sign up. With that being said, Vue and Sling offer the same channels as far as NFL coverage goes: ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC/FOX in some areas.

Because Vue is a bit more pricey, and because it doesn’t work outside your home, we typically recommend Sling over Vue. You can read our PS Vue review, or our comparison of Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue to learn more.

Watch Locally Aired NFL Games Over-the-Air with an Antenna (and DVR)

For Saints fans living in the New Orleans area, you’ll be happy to learn that you might be able to watch Saints games over-the-air, for free, without cable. This only works if you live within the broadcasting area of the New Orleans Saints. If you do, all you need is an HD antenna to enjoy live Saints football all season long. As for antennas, you’ll want a quality one. Check our guide to the best antennas to find a great option.

Watching a New Orleans Saints live stream for free whenever you want is always a good time, but sometimes your schedule just doesn’t allow it. That’s why I always recommend having an over-the-air DVR. A DVR will let you record games so that you can watch them on your own schedule. There are tons of options out there, but we’ve put together a guide to DVR’s here for you.


Reading this from abroad? The options below are the best way to watch the New Orleans Saints online from outside the USA:

Watch a New Orleans Saints Live Stream with Game Pass International

We’ve explained all the details of NFL Game Pass, but the International version is a little different. This service is available for almost anyone living outside of the US. It provides all the same features of the domestic version – on-demand streaming, exclusive camera angles, live preseason coverage, and access to a huge library of past games. Plus, the international version also allows for live streaming of out-of-market regular season games!

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