The LSU Tigers –aka the ‘Bayou Bengals’–have been playing intercollegiate football since 1893. Despite this century-plus legacy, they’ve enjoyed their greatest success in the past decade under head coaches Les Miles and Nick Saban. The LSU Tigers football team has won three national titles including the BCS Championships in 2004 and 2008.

They are the only school to win multiple championships during the BCS era. Their passionate fan base fills 102,000 seat Tiger Stadium for every home game, and many of their boosters travel to road games. The ones that don’t watch anxiously on television or digital streaming on a computer or other device.


Like the other member institutions in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), LSU Tigers football fans enjoy some of the best streaming coverage available. The SEC has a broadcast deal with sports programming behemoth ESPN so many of the Tigers’ games can be found on ESPN, ESPN2 or another of their family of networks. These games are also available on ESPN’s state of the art digital platform to access on the computer or a variety of mobile devices.

ESPN and the SEC are also partners in The SEC Network, a 24/7 cable/satellite channel dedicated to coverage of Southeastern Conference sports. Any game in the ‘revenue sports’ including football and basketball that isn’t shown on the ESPN platform can be found on the SEC Network. The network also leverages ESPN’s digital resources meaning that LSU football fans are covered both on television and for digital streaming.

At one point, these resources were limited to cable/satellite TV subscribers. That is no longer the case thanks to a new service called SlingTV. SlingTV offers a selection of premium cable networks via digital streaming for $20 a month. Their base package includes ESPN and ESPN 2 and for $5 more a ‘sports package’ includes the rest of the ESPN family of networks as well as the SEC Network. SlingTV is available for a wide variety of computer, smart phone and streaming device platforms.


Obviously, Bayou Bengals backers in the United States have it easy but what about fans in other countries? For these LSU enthusiasts, their degree of difficulty in accessing the games varies depending on where they live. ESPN offers direct digital subscriptions to their networks–including the SEC Network–for viewers in a growing number of countries. If you’re inside a country, they serve you can enjoy the same high-quality digital programming as US cable/satellite subscribers.

Outside of these countries, there are options but they’ll require more work. Finding a 24/7 feed of the SEC Network or ESPN isn’t easy but is possible. There are websites that index live network streams, or you might get lucky and find something with a simple Google search. A better bet is to find the individual LSU Tigers football games on one of the many live sports streaming websites. Some of the best are Stream2Watch, VIPBOX¬†or P2P4U. With the high profile of the LSU team and the Southeastern Conference you should be able to find any conference game with relative ease.