EPL Live Stream Guide: How to Watch Premier League Online

For my money, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a Premier League fan. Leicester City coming out of absolutely nowhere to win the league crown in 2016, and the constant moving and shaking of Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool mean there’s a reason the Premier League is the most popular soccer league in the world. If you’d like to watch a Premier League live stream, keep reading for your options!

There’s great news for American fans of the Premier League: it’s never been easier to stream Premier League matches, and you can easily watch Premier League online without cable and without the burdensome contract that goes with it.

Use Sling TV to Enjoy EPL Live Stream

Sling TV provides perhaps the best way to watch Premier League online, without needing to spend a fortune on cable TV. The majority of EPL matches will air on NBCSN, a channel which is included in Sling Blue – a $25 a month, 40+ channel starter package from Sling TV.

With Sling Blue, you’ll be able to stream NBCSN, and therefore you’ll be able to watch EPL online. On a typical weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy 7 or 8 Premier League matches with Sling Blue. Plus, you’ll enjoy live access to 40+ other great channels, ranging from sports on FS1 to dramas on TNT to news on CNN.

NBC also hosts Premier League matches. Sling Blue does include NBC, but only in select areas. Right now, NBC coverage is limited to Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Hartford, and Miami. If you live in these areas, you’ll get NBC as well – if not, stay tuned as Sling TV has plans to roll out NBC on-demand coverage nationwide.

And even without NBC, you’ll be able to watch EPL live stream via all your favorite devices using Sling TV. NBCSN covers the vast majority of matches, and it’s included in Sling Blue (nationwide). Read our Sling TV review to learn more.

Sling TV works on just about every major streaming device, smart TV, computer, mobile device, etc. If you need a streaming device, click here to learn how you can score a free Roku from Sling TV! All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be good to go. Sling Blue is just $25 a month, with no contract required.

For a limited time, you can watch EPL online free for a week by signing up for a 7-day free trial of Sling TV!

Access Premier League Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

The important thing to understand about Premier League coverage in the U.S. is that NBC is the holder of coverage rights, and they show every game across their family of networks, notably through the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).  Both NBC and NBCSN are available on PlayStation Vue, whose packages start at $29.99 a month.

It’s better still if you live in New York, LA, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, or Chicago, because Vue will bring you not just your local NBC affiliate live, but your other local networks too (namely ABC and Fox). If you don’t live in one of the markets, no biggie – you can still see the game on-demand the next day if it was on NBC, and watch the EPL live stream if it’s on NBCSN. PlayStation Vue works on Amazon Fire products, Roku, PS3/PS4, Chromecast, and iPad/iPhone. Keep in mind that Vue only works away-from-home on iPad and iPhone, and that comes with restrictions too. Check out our full review of PlayStation Vue here.

Watch Premier League Online from Outside the US & UK

If you don’t live in the US, you won’t be able to use Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. And if you don’t live in the UK, you won’t be able to use NOW TV. But don’t worry, my international friend, because there’s still a way to access the EPL live stream.

Click here to learn more about how you can use a VPN to watch English Premier League online internationally!

Antennae And DVRs: A Match Made In Heaven for Premier League Streaming

You might think that antennae are a relic of the past that not even cord-cutters have any use for. You would be wrong. Antenna technology has come a long, long, long way since you were a kid, and with the advent of digital subchannels, I get over 70 local channels in my local market (Dallas) with just a simple plug-into-your-TV antenna, no lie.

Chances are good you live within range of an NBC affiliate, and if you do, this is a great option to watch the Premier League. The Mohu Leaf is the best antenna out there, and depending on where you live, it’s not impossible to pull in two NBC affiliates with its unbelievable range. But a great antenna like the Mohu Leaf is just half the story. DVR’s are not just for cable and satellite, y’know. You can get a Tablo DVR and not only record your favorite shows and matches to watch later, but pair them with your mobile devices to watch on-the-go. Or, if you don’t think the Tablo is for you, why don’t you check out our big comparison of over-the-air DVRs?

Blokes In The UK Can Also Watch The EPL Live Stream

If you’re a Brit and love sports, you probably already know how indispensable Sky Sports is. In terms of pure selection, it puts ESPN here in the States to shame, with Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, f1, and News. And of course, they offer unsurpassed coverage of the Premier League, and no: you don’t need to cable in the UK to enjoy an English Premier League live stream!

Just get Now TV. Now TV gives you the Full Monty of Sky Sports channels, including Premier League matches, and no one offers more flexibility than Now TV. You can sign up for it for just a single day for £6.99, a week for £10.99, or a month for £31.99. Even the best of the other cord cutting options don’t allow you to sign up for just a day.

Hankering for still more soccer? Take a peek at our comprehensive cord-cutting soccer guide.

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