Arsenal Live Stream Guide: How to Watch Online without Cable

time: What English club has won more FA Cups than any other (12), 13 league titles, 14 Community Shields, and two League Cups? That would be Arsenal, and with the fifth largest fan base in the world, more and more Gunners fans are finding legal, legit services to watch Arsenal online and tell the cable companies to take a hike. Want to watch Arsenal live stream online?

Thankfully, it’s now quite easy to watch Arsenal online, thanks to various online streaming services. Here’s a guide to those services.

Sling TV: The Best Way to Watch Arsenal Live Stream

Sling TV is a very versatile service that allows you to pick a number of different TV packages to go along with their low-priced $20 a month base package, which not only includes ESPN, ESPN2, and WatchESPN, but gotta-haves like CNN, TNT, TBS, and many more.

They also have a package with FS1, FOX, and regional FOX Sports channels for more soccer coverage If you’re reading this, however, you’re probably interested in their sports package, which includes BeIN Sports and Universal Deportes, both dream channels for a soccer lover.  That’s just $5 extra a month, as is their Deportes Extra package, which includes still more soccer-intensive channels.

But what really puts Sling TV over the top is their penchant for deals. Sure, there’s the 7-day free trial, plus the cancel-anytime policy that’s true for all services in this article. You can use the free trial to watch an Arsenal live stream for free, while getting a feel for how the service works. But on top of that are two insane Sling TV deals.

Insane Deal #1: If you sign on up for 3 months of Sling TV, you get with that your choice of either a free Roku 2 or 50% off a Roku 3. As the Roku 2 retails for $69.99 and the scribes at CNet report the Roku 2 is just as fast, taking that option is the equivalent of three months of Sling TV free and $9.99 off a Roku 2 box.

Insane Deal #2: Are you a T-Mobile user? No? Well, do yourself a cable-cutting favor and switch to T-Mobile. Because with T-Mobile, you 30% off of Sling TV (so about $14 a month) through their “Best of Live TV” promotion, but the best part is, so long as you watch Sling TV through your T-Mobile Network and devices, it doesn’t count against your data plan. In other words: go nuts.

Fubo TV Gives You Two 24-Hour Soccer Channels

Those channels are beIN Sport and GolTV (okay, fine, very occasionally beIN TV shows other sports), and it’s actually four channels inasmuch as you get both the English and Spanish versions of those channels.

All these channels provide a great way to watch Arsenal live stream, and indeed provide round-the-clock soccer coverage. Univision Deportes is also part of the Fubo TV deal, and therein lies more soccer. More channels than that are part of the deal, and it’s all just $9.99 a month with a 24-hour test drive. Read our review of Fubo TV here.

Fox Soccer 2 Go Is the Best Option to Watch Arsenal Online On-Demand

Let’s imagine you work 9-to-5 on the East Coast of the US. And let’s say Arsenal’s big Champions League game is going to be on Fox Sports 1 at 2:45 Eastern. And let’s say you’ve already used all ten of your soccer-related off days.

You’re out of luck, and can’t watch the Arsenal stream, right? Wrong. Just sign up for Fox Soccer 2 Go, which lets you watch all the soccer matches, rugby matches, and highlight shows across the Fox Sports spectrum of channels on demand.

That’s over 1,400 matches you can watch anytime you want, for just $19.99 a month. Want to pay less than half of that? Then sign up for a full year for $100. That averages out to about $8 a month. Then watch all 1,400+ matches, and report back to me about every one.

KlowdTV Is Your Wallet’s Favorite Cable-Cutting Service

Not to be outdone in the on-demand game is KlowdTV, which gives you an hour of DVR time to record your favorite channels gratis, and also let’s you buy more DVR time for prices ranging from $1 a month for 3 more hours to 60 hours for $20 a month.

But what’s best about KlowdTV is that it’s so damn cheap. You pay $3.99 for delivery fees once, and then their sports package is just $3.49 a month. That gives you GolTV (all the Bundesliga and Latin American networks you can handle in both English and Spanish) and several more channels such as Fight Box TV. You could add (among their other packages) their deportes package, which gives you a host of Spanish-language sports channels and tons more soccer for another $3 a month; combined, still less than the monthly cost of the other services in this guide. But while they have a 7-day trial period, you’re not gonna pay anything at all for the first three months, because you’re going to sign up through this link and use promo code CCT1.

PlayStation Vue Gives You USA Network

Of course, you get a great many more channels than that through PlayStation Vue. So why are we highlighting USA Network? It’s not for the CSI reruns, great as they are. It’s because it’s home to weekly English Premier League games, so it will be the only place to watch the Arsenal live stream when its selected as the game of the week (which should be a lot). Read more about Vue in our PlayStation Vue review. Right now, Vue is 29.99 a month and is available on PS3, PS4, Chromecast, iPad, and Amazon Fire devices.

The Sky’s The Limit For Brits With Now TV

Sky Sports 1. Sky Sports 2. Sky Sports 3. Sky Sports 4. Sky Sports 5. Sky Sports F1. Sky Sports News. Those are the seven reasons why Sky is unbeatable in the UK when it comes to sports coverage. But if you reside in Great Britain and want to cut out cable, you don’t have to deprive yourself of Sky Sports. Just sign up with Now TV, and decide if you want to stick around for a day (£6.99), a week (£10.99), or a month (£31.99), and by Gadfrey, that’s all you’ll pay for. Commitment doesn’t get less commit-y than that. For UK fans, Now TV is likely the best way to watch an Arsenal live stream.

Back over on the other side of the pond, cord-cutters jonesing for Gunners football might want to get an over-the-air antenna if they live within about 50 miles of an NBC station, for NBC has Premier League rights and shows a lot of games. We recommend the Mohu Leaf 50.

We also recommend you check out our fuller soccer guide for more information about watching online. Lastly, if you’re looking for a new ISP, check out our ISP reviews here.

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