Hey there Alabama football fans! Looking for ways to catch your favorite sports team play online? Well, this is very possible and very easy. When searching on the internet you will come across multiple ways to watch online football games.

Some ways will be more legitimate than others. Some of the very best sites are super easy to find. The only catch is that for the really good sites you may have to sign up or register to start using their content.

On the other hand with the stream now free sites, you risk having to search again and again to find one that actually works as promised. Either way it can be slightly time consuming.

Here in this article I will give you some of the less sketchy ways to watch Alabama football online today without spammy advertisements, pop up ads or downloading content.

1. ABC Sports to Go:


The first way to watch online Alabama football games is through a nifty little site called abc.go.com. Now obviously this site is ran by ABC so you can bet you won’t have to deal with any spammy pop ups or glitchy sites.

On abc.go.com you can find online streaming of any of your favorite sports teams along with many other nice features. Some of the other things you can do on this site are, get tv schedules, listen to music, and actually watch other tv shows online right from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. It is a nice way to pass time.

This is a great place to stream a live sports game, but there isn’t a ton of sports related content since this is a general ABC website.

2. ESPN Online Streaming Content:


If you are looking for a good website with all sports related content, I would highly recommend going over to espn.go.com. On this site, not only will you be able to catch Alabama football games online, you will be able to see all the latest sports news involving other SEC┬áteams like Florida, Arkansas or Auburn. You will always be up to date. Keep score of other games while you’re watching Alabama play, with their scoreboard across the top of the homepage.

You will be able to see a schedule of upcoming games as well. If you sign up for an account through this website, you can even add teams to your favorites list. This will give you a more tailored experience and customization. What’s more is you’ll be able to see top headlines and all sports related news.

You can even listen live to radio shows and podcasts with special guests. If this website does not suit your Alabama football needs, I’m not sure what will. Keeping up with your favorite football teams will be really easy when you use the sites listed here simply because they are very reliable sources.

You will not have to deal with the stress of a sketchy site that leads you to a million other sites when trying to find a live sports stream. These websites are tried and true. You won’t have to miss another major Alabama game, or any highlights again.