There has never been a better time in history to be a sports fan. Today’s sports enthusiast has more options than ever before. There are countless different sports and leagues from all over the world to watch. There’s also a wide variety of different ways to watch sports–no longer do you need to stay at home in front of your TV set to stream a live soccer match. You can watch sports on the go from your laptop, your cellphone or your iPad. Any place with a decent broadband Internet connection is perfect for watching live college basketball games.

Unfortunately, the professional sports leagues and TV networks haven’t kept up with the new technological era. They are ‘analog players in a digital world’ who think that they can still call the shots over what games you can watch and where you can watch them. Some sports leagues and networks are better than others but ultimately the result is them dictating what games you can watch, when you can watch them and on which device. This desire for control of the broadcasting ecosystem is a relic from a time when TV viewers were lucky to pick up all three networks with a ‘rabbit ears’ antenna.


The game has changed completely and now the TV networks, and sports leagues are no longer ‘holding all of the cards’. Thanks to the growth of the Internet and the technological explosion surrounding it the sports fan can watch any game from any league in the world and do so just about anywhere. This paradigm shift might be bad news for the sports leagues and broadcasters, but it’s great news for the average sports fan!

A few of the ‘legacy broadcasters’ have done a fair job adapting to this new reality. ESPN offers live streaming of almost all of their programming like college football live–unless the sports league in question tells them otherwise. The four major North American sports leagues have expensive seasonal packages that allow viewing of most regular season games. The quality of the technology varies from league to league as does the options for viewing on a laptop or mobile device. It’s readily apparent that the ‘old school’ sports television power brokers are trying to compete in a new era by the old rules. It’s just a matter of time before they find out that this strategy won’t work.


The best solution for any fan looking to follow the action is Internet live sports streaming. There are live sports streams available online covering just about every sport, league and team in the world. Whether you’re interested in watching MLB baseballFormula 1 racing, English Premier League soccer, NHL Hockey or NFL football its a simple process to locate the sporting event of your choice.

And it gets even better–you can not only watch any game in any sport in the world but you’re in complete control of your viewing experience. It doesn’t matter if you want to watch on your computer at home, your iPad at the bar or your Android smartphone at the mall you can do it. You can even watch the live action on your television with a Roku or Chromecast streaming device. You have a world of options of what to watch and where to watch it–and best of all it’s absolutely free!

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It couldn’t be easier to find the game you want to watch including NBA games and NASCAR races. A number of websites compile directories of all live sports streams organized by league. The best place to start is Wiziwig–it not only offers a stream directory but has all the information you need about third party applications and streaming to mobile devices. Other popular live sports stream directories are FirstRowSports, Big Ten Network, Fox Sports,, VIP Sports Box and SportsLemon. The web domains for these sites change from time to time, so it’s a good idea to search on Google for the latest information.

Let’s face it–cable and satellite TV is becoming an unnecessary expense. Most of the quality programming is available on Netflix, Hulu or other Internet resources. There’s just no reason to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a bunch of stations you’ll never watch. With free sports streaming there’s one less excuse to keep paying for premium TV service. You can find more sports actions, more viewing options, and it’s absolutely free! Furthermore, read our premium article, where we rank the top 10 free live sports streaming site online.

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